Thank you for 2 years Planted.

Birthday Edition

To celebrate the day, we have a very special surprise for you. The LIMITED BIRTHDAY EDITION- fireworks for all the senses. Taste it now!

We would like to say thank you.

It was just two years ago that we founded Planted. We wanted to revolutionise the way meat is perceived and consumed. Our vision to make the world a little bit better is becoming reality step by step. We would like to say thank you. Thank you for being part of our journey and making the world a bite better together with us!



For our anniversary, we have created a very special recipe. The Minestrone Riviera is a real taste explosion and the perfect end to a hot summer day. The aromatic power of the fresh ingredients in planted.pulled Riviera harmonises perfectly with the elegant bouillon - so get on the cooker!

Only the best for your birthday.

Dann nichts wie ran an den Herd! Das Rezept und die Kochanleitung für sein Signature Dish "Planted à la Peking Duck" finden Sie in unserer Rezeptdatenbank.


More Planted.
More taste.

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planted.pulled Spicy Herbs
220 g